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Company Alcom Alval s.r.o. has been registered in the business register since 10th September 2002. We are specialised in purchasing, stocking and buying of a wide range of milled semiproducts of Aluminium and its alloys.

In August 2010 we started production of precisely milled plates under our trademark ALQAL.

No taxpayers' money from the EU funds is used for the development of our company.

New headquarters

Dear customers,
we would like to inform you about the opening of the new headquarters and service centre in Prague-Nupaky which took place on 1. 4. 2018. Accordingly , the billing address and correspondence address as well as the offer of our services have been changed. We are going to send you more information about this later. We are looking forward to your visit and our further cooperation.

New water jet cutting machine!

Dear customers,
we would like to inform you that in order to improve the quality of our services, a new water jet cutting machine was put into operation on October 13, 2014.
This innovation particularly means a significant shortening of delivery times and new possibilities of shape cutting due to special features of the latest cutting CNC water jet technology.
At the moment, we are able to cut all materials up to thickness of 330 mm and the size of the work table for 2D cutting was increased to 3000 x 5000 mm. At the same time, the new machine is able to bend the cutting head to an angle of 60°. This allows us to do a shape cut up to the above mentioned angle and at the same time the bevel cut is automatically eliminated.
If you are interested in more information, please contact our sales representatives for water jet shape cutting, namely Pavel Fürst, Josef Svoboda, or Pavel Štěpaník.

Aluminium (Latin Aluminium) is a light weight silvery gray metal founded in 1825 by physician Hans Christian Oersted.

In the natural world we can meet only aluminium compounds because of its high reactivity.

Chemical symbol Al
Atomic number 13
Relative atomic mass 26,9815386 amu
Melting point 660,32 °C
Boiling point 2519 °C
Density 2,70 g/cm3

As to yield, bauxite is the most important mineral with a high volume of aluminium. To reduce the high melting point of bauxite, another important mineral cryolite is used for industrial production.

Aluminium belongs amongst the most widespread elements contained in the earth's crust. In spite of this fact, its industrial production was until recently a very difficult and expensive process. As industrial electrolysis of melted metal ores was developed it paved the way for today’s huge production of pure Al, which is now millions of tonnes per year.

During electrolysis of purified bauxite and cryolite mixture, which takes place at a temperature of 950 °C aluminium is eliminated on a cathode and oxygen on a graphite anode.

The most common application for aluminium is in the form of its alloys. The most common alloy is with copper and magnesium (e.g. AlCu4Mg1). Compared to Al99,5 such an alloy is harder and stronger but retains low specific mass, 2,8 g/cm3 and it is resistant to atmospheric effects. Such properties make this alloy an ideal material for use both in the aviation and automotive industries.
Besides these there are many other aluminium alloys, for example with magnesium or silicon which can be used for machine or ship constructions, Al99,5 can be used as a roofing (corrugated sheets) or packaging material for food (in the form of foil).

Aluminium is important metal for people and today it is used in many fields of human life.

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