Machined aluminum plates

Additionally, these plates can be cut or shaped using a waterjet.

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Double-sided milled aluminum plates…

… produced and delivered by our company as ALQAL 5083, ALXAL 5754, ALCAST 7021, ALVAL 6082 and ALVAL 7075.

  • Production of plates ALQAL 5083, ALXAL 5754 and ALCAST 7021

    The input material is a cast block that is heat-treated to remove internal tension and increase firmness in ALCAST 7021 plates.

  • Lengthwise block cutting using a band saw

    The block is cut into the required widths using a horizontal band saw.

  • Production of plates ALVAL 6082 and ALVAL 7075

    Input material – rolled plates in grades 6082 T651 and 7075 T651.

  • Double-sided milling

    Using a portal milling machine equipped with a 2100 mm 3100 mm diameter head, plates are milled two-sidedly to the requested width with an accuracy of +/- 0.1 mm.

  • Double-sided coating of protective foil

    The final operation involves a double-sided coating of protective laser foil at a width of 0.1 mm, which protects the surface during further processing and handling.

  • Product range in stock

    The offer of widths and formats can be found in the product sheets on the pages of the specific product in the “Downloads” section.

  • Properties

    Chemical composition, mechanical properties and other information on individual products can also be found in the product sheets.

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