Cast aluminum plates

Additionally, these plates can be cut or shaped using a waterjet. We custom-make some alloys and they cannot be partitioned.

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Cast cut aluminum plates…

…made by our company and delivered as 5083 cast, 5754 cast and 7021 T6 cast.

  • Production begins with heat threatment of cast aluminium blocks

    Just like in the case of machined plates, a cast block is the input material for the production of cut plates. This block is heat-treated in order to remove inner tension.

  • Lengthwise block cutting using a band saw

    The cast aluminum block is subsequently cut using a horizontal band saw into plates with the required width, thus completing the production process.

  • Product range in stock

    The specific offer of widths and formats can be found on the page of the given product.

  • Method of use

    The suitable purpose for using specific alloys, along with the product sheets including chemical and mechanical properties, can be found in the specific descriptions of individual product grades.

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